Why Are There Waste Restrictions?

If you need a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get rid of a large amount of rubbish, then a skip could be a great option for you. We sort your waste out and make sure it ends up in the best place for each item. As a result of this, we have to keep some restrictions in place to keep you and our employees safe when dealing with your waste. Read on to find our simplified list of items, for a more in-depth list take a look at our terms of business.

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Our Restrictions List

Every company will have its own specific regulations so it is always best to double-check with them for their restrictions. If you fail to follow these, you may have to face legal consequences.

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)

Upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and office chairs can all contain POPs. New legislation in the UK was introduced in 2023 and has affected the way that these items need to be disposed of. Being thrown in landfill can leave harmful chemicals in the environment and in the fatty tissue of humans and animals. These items need extra care when processing, storage, and treatment in a proper facility. Please contact us if you need to put these items in your skip so we can provide you with further information including the POP charges.

Electrical appliances

Electrical Items

If your item needs a plug, battery, or charger to work, we class this as an electrical item. These are not accepted within a skip as they all carry a potential hazard. You can find your local electrical recycling point here to dispose of your items responsibly.

Skip With a Mattress


We can assist you in your mattress disposal for an extra cost on top of our skip hire, we charge £45-50 + VAT for each mattress you want to get rid of. If you require this service, please let us know beforehand so we can arrange the disposal.

Plasterboard Waste


Another building material that can be very dangerous is plasterboard. When mixed with water or bio-degradable materials, it can produce a very harmful chemical. We can allow a small amount in your skip, however, it shouldn’t exceed 2 bin bags and should be packaged correctly as well as left on top of the rest of your rubbish. 

pile of used batteries


All batteries contain potentially harmful chemicals that are especially dangerous when they leak. This can easily happen if you throw them into a skip, as a result of this, we cannot accept the disposal of batteries. To dispose of batteries properly, they have to be cleaned properly before being sent to landfill. 

Old asbestos requiring disposal


This is one of the most dangerous substances you can find within buildings in the UK, if you do find any during your project, it is always best to call a professional. They should have the appropriate equipment and experience to safely get rid of it for you. If you still need to dispose of it with a skip, please contact us and we may be able to help you with an asbestos-only skip.

Stack of old gas cylinders for recycling

Gas Cylinders

These are very rarely completely empty, for that reason they are very unsafe to place in a skip. As they are combustible, they could cause serious harm to anyone who comes into contact with the skip. If you have some to get rid of, contact the manufacturer or a specialist to dispose of them properly.

Medical waste, used syringes and medicine bottles

Medical Waste

This could include needles, bodily fluids or materials, and anything else that could contaminate other waste. This isn’t accepted in skips as they could carry illnesses and infect other people. We want to keep everyone protected and safe, for this reason, we urge you to contact a specialist for medical waste disposal.

Glass Waste


Glass is known for being a sharp item when broken, skips aren’t the most delicate of places, therefore, we do find that glass is usually smashed if thrown away. To keep our employees safe, we don’t allow a large amount in our skips. This includes mirrors, frames, and many more, if you have a large amount of glass to get rid of you may be interested in a glass-only skip.

pile of used tyres for disposal

Tyres & Other Items

There are many other items that can be disposed of by us at an extra cost, if you have anything you aren’t sure about, check with your local council before throwing it in. 

Used paint tins, fuels and solvents.

Solvents, Paint and Fuel

Obviously, these items should never be placed in a skip as they are high risk. Anything similar to this could explode and cause serious injury to you or others. If you do have anything like this to get rid of, please contact a specialist to be disposed of properly. 

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They really are such a great tool when you have a large amount of rubbish and don’t want to make trips to your local tip. Even with these restrictions in place, there is such a wide variety of items that can be disposed of with skip hire. You may be doing your garden or building a new home, we have a skip suitable for anyone’s needs.

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